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"I know how extremely busy you are at Chapterweb yet it seems as if you have all the time in the world for me and YMSL and to answer my questions, concerns, suggestions (over and over…!) You all are so good to take a “problem” or situation where we need to do something a little different and work with us to come up with a possible solution.

Even though we are growing at a very quick rate right now you always get the new chapters up and running (usually the same day) and get their new members imported quickly so they can get going with their Chapter.

SO appreciate you and your team and all your patience! Can’t tell you enough what great customer service you all have."

Tina Borden
Young Men's Service League, National Chapter

"In December of 2010, our Chapter converted to ChapterWeb v2 and we couldn't be happier with the upgrade! Kimberly Powel is a wonderful communicator, customization requests were handled quickly and efficiently and the updated site is so easy to use that I don't have do much training!"

Lisa Brown
National Charity League, Dunwoody Chapter

"ChapterWeb just keeps getting better and better! Our Chapter continues to move forward with your help. It truly has become the main artery to our chapter. Keeps our communication flowing and right at everyone's fingertips! Thanks for an awesome product!"

Wynne Wolf
National Charity League, North Dallas Chapter

"NCL PLano Area Chapter loves ChapterWeb! We upgraded last September to v2 and it was a seamless transition. Our members love the improved method of inputting hours. Uploading files and changing the homepage are so easy...even someone with little experience on the computer can do it! Thanks to Kimberly Powell for always responding to my questions so promptly."

Kathy Boobar
National Charity League, Plano Area Chapter

"Kim Powell has been unendingly patient with my questions before and after purchase of the website software application. She is a joy to work with and is always exceptionally quick to respond. She has a great way of walking me through the issues and providing me solutions. She is one of the best customer representatives I have been associated with, for any product. I would hire her for my biotechnology company if I could! "

Melissa Yeager
National Charity League, Emerald City Chapter

"Thanks to both Kimberly and Jorge for the great and prompt service they provide. No question is too small!"

Julie Armstrong
National Charity League, Monterey Bay Chapter

"I LOVE working with Jorge and Kimberly! No request is too big or too small. I present them with an issue our members are having or present them with a question or suggestion, and they do everything they can to make it happen. They really take the time to comprehend the request as well as the reasoning behind the request, often improving on my original suggestion in order to address the true, underlying need. Kimberly and Jorge me look great in front of my Chapter."

Patsy Weinberg
National Charity League, North Dallas Chapter

"I've worked with both Kimberly and Jorge and both are patient beyond belief, reliable, responsive, sympathetic to our needs, and absolutely amazing. I wish every company could take lessons in customer service from them."

Patsy Weinberg
National Charity League, North Dallas Chapter

"First and foremost, let me say that I LOVE ChapterWeb. Our Chapter had been reporting hours on paper, turning into a Class Hours Rep, who turned Class Hours into the Chapter Hours Chair. Very rarely did members get their hours turned in quarterly, as our Standing Rules stated. Simply because nobody held them to it."

"As for customer support, it is the best there is! If I ever have a question, I simply hit "help" in the upper right corner and it sends an email to customer support (I've always gotten replies from Kimberly Powell, she's fantastic!) Every time, they have answered my email within an hour. Kimberly was able to have them design a specific background for us, because we are the Montgomery Monarchs and we wanted to include a Monarch in our design. I got to meet the program designers in Atlanta at National Conference and they were so friendly and helpful. You couldn't ask for a better team. "

Stacey Dickey
National Charity League, Montgomery Monarchs

"Please run as fast as you can to get this product. It is absolutely wonderful. The product continues to evolve with us and to change and grow in its scope. The demo site is great but can not really tell the story of how wonderful this product is."

Vembra Holnagel
National Charity League, San Diego del Norte Chapter

"Our membership is very excited about the new site! We are pleased with the many features provided, the ease of use, and the report generating capabilities."

Denise Zogby
National Charity League, Poway Chapter

"Matson & Isom Technology Consulting has far exceeded our expectations in developing a Web site system that saves our organization time and money, while providing a valuable communication tool. Our new Web site was up and running smoothly in just a matter of weeks."

Deanna Lares
National Charity League, Chico, Chapter

"Our web site is first class! We all just love it and are finding it to be so condusive to our philanthropy group of moms and daughters. ChapterWeb is an impressive asset to our group and entire community."

Ann Neilsen
National Charity League, Chico Chapter

"We are deploying the site as our main hours-accounting tool in April 2002. The main advantage to our chapter is the time freed in accounting hours to those patronesses and ticktockers in charge of this function, and the ease of communication by email."

Lucia Filippou
National Charity League, Lamorinda Chapter