Premium Addon: How to Create a Subscription List

//Premium Addon: How to Create a Subscription List

Premium Addon: How to Create a Subscription List

In order to use the Premium Addon: Newsletter, you sign up for it by contacting Our support team will then set you up with an account within hours.

  • Login to your ChapterWeb account and go into the Member tab
  • Once in the Member tab, use the filters on the right hand side to filter by the members you’d like to receive the newsletter. For example: Role: Parent and Child Status: Active and Provisional.
  • Press “Apply View Options” and wait for the page to refresh with your filters applied.
  • Go up to “Export Members”
  • Leave all options and press the “Export Members” button on the very bottom of the modal.
  • You’ll then get an excel spreadsheet based off the list of members you selected earlier.
  • Delete all columns but the Email column on the spreadsheet.
  • Save the spreadsheet by going to File > Save As.
  • Select the option to save the spreadsheet as a .CSV File (see below)

  • Save the file on your desktop, or somewhere that you’ll remember.
  • Go back into your Newsletter account, and go to “Lists and Subscribers”
  • Use the right hand side button to create a new subscription list (see below).

  •  Once you press this button, it will take you to where you can add upload the file you just saved from your ChapterWeb account. First fill out the name of your subscription list (example: Chapter Members 2012), leave the list Type as-is and press “Create List.”
  • Next, press the “Add the first subscribers to your list” link
  • Next, press the second tab on the page to “Import from file” (see below) . Press the “I confirm that all of these new subscribers fall into the Okay to use Category” and click “Proceed with import.”

  • Upload the list that you just saved on your desktop, or another folder on your computer from ChapterWeb.
  • You’re done!
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