Please note: Only administrator and calendar administrators can make the decision whether or not members can delete themselves from an event. This is set on an event by event basis.

In order to allow members to delete themselves from an event, follow the steps below:

  • Login to your ChapterWeb Account
  • Go to the Calendar tab and click on “Add Event” on the date you’d like to place an event.
  • When the Event details box appears, click on “Advanced Options” to see more detail.
  • Select Sign Up under attendance (See Item 1 below).
  • Select the check box to either allow members to delete themselves, or deselect this check box to disallow members from deleting themselves the event (See Item 1 below).
  • Set the time range that members are allowed to delete themselves (See Item 2 below).
  • Select¬† “Add Event” when you are done.


Note: If you would like members to not have the ability to delete themselves from an event uncheck the box “Users can delete themselves up to ___ before the event” and this will disable deletion.