Please note: You must be an administrator or content administrator in order to add a new  public page to the website.

In order to add a new public page to your chapter website, please follow the steps below:

  • Login to ChapterWeb Account and click on the Public Site link on the top right hand corner of your screen (see item 1 below). This will take you to your public homepage.


  • Once you have been taken to your public homepage click on the Add New Page link on the top of your screen (see item 2 below).


  • Clicking on the Add New Page link will make a prompt appear asking for the new page name, type the name of the page and click the OK button to save your changes (see item 3 below).


  • Once you click OK the page will automatically be created. Click on the name of the page on the right hand side to go to the page and begin editing.
  • For tips on how to edit content areas, view our other Content Management guides.