Only site administrators or the calendar administrator can add an event on the calendar.

To create a new event, please follow these instructions:

  1. While still in the Calendar section, browse to the month and year for which you would like to add an event.
  2. Find the day you wish to create the event on and click the ‘Add Event’ button located towards the bottom of the day view; it will open an ‘Add a New Event’ window.
  3. Fill out the event title and description (See item 1). If the event is not an all day event, deselect the ‘All Day Event’ checkbox (See item 2) which will allow you to fill in a Start Time and Duration for the event.
  4. When finished filling out the event information, click the ‘Add Event’ button (See item 3). Your event will be shown on your calendar as well as selected members’ calendars (see ‘Advanced Options’ below).


Advanced Options

To view more event options, click on the ‘Advanced Options’ button inside the ‘Add New Event’ window. Here you can:

  1. Select or modify the event date (See item 1).
  2. Enable the Recurrence of an event (See item 2): when ‘Enable Recurrence’ is selected, you can set your event recurrence type (daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly), as well as input an end date if desired.
  3. Enter event location (See item 3). This will create a link to Google Maps that displays on the Event Details window.
  4. Enable Sign Up for this Event (See item 4): when activated, the ‘Sign Up Options’ let you decide sign up limit, enable/disable RSVP options and set event reminders.
  5. Show the event to everyone or to a selected group of members (See item 5).
  6. Select a related philanthropy, class, or member group (See item 6).