Only site administrators or the calendar administrators can add an event on the calendar.

To create a new event, follow these steps:

  1. Browse to the month and year for which you would like to add an event.
  2. Find the day you wish to create the event on and click the 'Add Event' button located towards the bottom of the day view; it will open an 'Add a New Event' window.
  3. Fill out the event title and description (See item 1). 
  4. Fill out the start time and duration of the event, or click "All Day Event" (See item 2 below).
  5. When you are finished filling out the information for the event, click the 'Add Event' button. Your event will be shown on your calendar and your members calendars.


Advanced Options

To setup advanced options for an event such as sign up or RSVP options, you must already be creating or editing an event. Work your way through the tabs to set up Details, Repeating Events, Reminders, and Attendance options.

  • The first tab is the Details tab. This tab allows you to set a Category (see item 3 below) which will then allow your members to easily filter by events on the calendar. Examples of categories are: Meetings, Philanthropy Events, or Birthday's. You can later color code these categories.



  • After setting the category, you'll want to add in a description of the event.
  • Next, type in the location address of the event (see item 4 above). This will automatically create a Google map for your members to get directions to the event.
  • Finally, select who you would like this event shown to. For example: If the event is a Board Meeting you might only want to show this event to Board Members.
  • Next, select what this event is related to. For example: A Philanthropy, a particular class, etc.

The next tab is the Repeat tab. Only use these options if you would like this event to be repeated.


  • When in the Repeat tab, select the Repeat Type (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly).
  • Next, select the Frequency in which you'd like the event to be repeated (see item 6 above).
  • Finally, select when you would like the event to stop being repeated on the calendar (see item 7 above).

The next tab you'll want to visit is the Attendance tab. This is where you will set Sign Up Limits and RSVP options.


  • Once in the attendance tab, select if you would like this to be a Sign Up event (where you can set limits on how many members can attend) or a RSVP (open to all members in the organization) (see item 8 above).
  • Once this option is set you can set your options for Sign up or RSVP (see item 9 above).

The final tab is the Reminder tab, go to this tab to set any reminders that you would like to go out before the event occurs.


  • To set a reminder, press the "Yes" radio button when you in the Reminder tab
  • Next, select the time before the event you would like this reminder to go out.
  • Finally, select if you'd like this reminder to also go out to Members of the selected "Shown to" role or Members of the selected "Related to" group. This will allow for the reminders to not only go out to those members who signed up (or RSVP'd) to the event, but also to those members who are either Philanthropy Liaisons, or everyone who is in the Shown to or Related to groups.
  • Type in your reminder text (if this is different from the description of the event, otherwise by default the reminder will just be the description of the event) (see item 11 above).
  • Once you are done, click the "Add Event" button to add the event to the calendar.