Only site administrators or photos gallery administrators can add photos.

To add a photo in the Photo Gallery, follow these steps:

  1. While under the Photos section, click on the ‘Upload Photo’ button on the top right corner.
  2. Fill in photo’s title, caption, location (click on ‘Select’ button to look for your photo(s)) (See item 1 below). Once you have the photo(s) you’d like to upload, press the “Open” button on your window browser (see item 2 below).
  3. Next, Select an album from the drop-down list that you’d like to place the photo(s) in. (See item 3 above)
  4. Click on ‘Save Photo’ button to save the photo that you have just uploaded.
  5. When you are finished, click on the ‘Done Adding Photo’ button on the top right corner.
  6. Click on the “Cancel” button to exit the Upload Photos window.