Please note: In order to copy an event you must be an Administrator, Calendar Administrator, or a Philanthropy Liaison.

In cases where you are trying to add multiple events that have the same information (maybe just different dates or time frames) you'll want to use the "Save as New Event" feature. Below are the steps to take in order to accomplish this:

  • First, begin by logging into your ChapterWeb account and click on the "Calendar" tab.
  • Once in the Calendar tab, browse to the event you wish the copy and click on the event to open up the details.
  • Next, click on "Edit Event" button on the top right hand corner (see item 1 below).


  • Once the Edit Event screen appears click on "Save as New Event" down at the bottom of the dialog box (see item 2 below).


  • A copy of the event will appear below your original copy on the calendar.
  • Click on the event copy to open it's details and click once again on the "Edit Event" button (see item 1 above).
  • Once in the Edit Event dialog box you can change the date or time frame of the event.
  • Press "Update Event" when you are done with your changes.