Please note: Only Files Administrators and over all Administrators can create, edit, or delete sub categories/folders.

In order to create a sub folder in your Files tab, please follow the steps below:

  • First, make sure that your chapter is using the "Folders" structure. To do this, you'll want to enable this new functionality on your account.
  • Login to your ChapterWeb account and click on the "Settings" link on the top right hand portion of your screen.
  •  Click on the "Folder" structure (see item 1 below) and press "Update" at the bottom of your screen.
  • Next, go back to your Files tab.
  • Once you are in this screen, click on the "Folders" sub navigation item (see item 2 below). You'll then see a list of all of your File Categories. Press the plus sign next (see item 3 below) to the category you wish to add a level underneath (sub folder or sub category).


  • Next, a box will pop up on your screen. Add the name of the sub category (see item 4 below), check who it is viewable by (see item 5 below), and then press save (see item 6 below).