Please note: Only administrators can add, delete, edit, and disable League Activities.

Once the League Activity is disabled, it will no longer show up as a
selection on your Hours screen, however, all information about the
activity will still be stored on the website.

In order to disable a League Activity, please follow the steps below:

  • Login to your ChapterWeb site, and click on the Hours tab.
  • While under the Hours tab, click on the sub menu item League Activities (see item 1 below).
  • Once the League Activities screen has opened, click on the activity that you'd like to disable.
  • The details for this activity will appear on the screen. Click the Edit League Activity button on the right hand side (see item 2 below).


  • While in the Edit League Activity screen, click on the Disable check box and hit Save to enable these changes (see item 3 below).