In order to use the premium add on Newsletter feature, you must first sign up for the Premium Add On by contacting Our support team will then set you up with an account within hours.

Once you have your Newsletter campaign created, you’ll want to start adding in content.

1. If your newsletter is not already opened, click on the name of the newsletter on the main screen and then hit the second “Edit” button to edit the content of the newsletter (see item 1 below).

2. Once you are in the edit screen, click “Edit” next to the area you wish to begin adding content to (see item 2 below).

3. You’ll notice a screen open on the left hand side of the page. This is where you’ll want to enter your content. If there are other options available, such a title or image you’ll also input that information here (see item 3 below).

4. To add a new content area, press the “+ Add New” button located on an exisiting content area. By default, the new area will drop down below your existing content. We’ll go over how to move it up in the next step. For now, select “+ Add New” to add a new content area (see item 4 below).

Please note: Depending on your template, you might have the option to add several different layouts when adding a new content block. If your template allows for this, you will see a drop down appear when you click the “+ Add New” button. Before adding a new content area, you must selec the layout you’d like to use.

5. To move the content area, press on the cross hairs (see item 5 below) and hold down with your mouse. Move the content block up, by holding down your mouse and then releasing when you have your content area in the correct location.

6. Once you have entered all of your content, press the “Preview” button on the top right to see a preview of your newsletter (see item 6 below).