You can now sort members by their related members class. If you are part of an NCL Chapter this means that you can now email Parents based off their Child class (YMSL this means Mom’s of boys in certain Classes and BTC’s this means Coaches for a particular Boys Class).

From the Communications Page

  • Begin by logging into your ChapterWeb account. Once logged in, click on the “Communications” tab.
  • Once in the Communications section, click on the Advanced User Selection Tool (see item 1 below)
  • Once the Advanced User Selection Tool has appear, click the Role you’d like to see and the Class (for example: Parent and Class of 2012 or Mom and Class of 2012). Your selection should automatically filter and the members should appear on the right hand side. Click either “Add to To”, “Add to CC” or “Add to BCC” to add them to your recipients list (see item 2 below).