Please note: Only Administrators can print off sign in sheets from the website. If you are a Calendar Administrator or Philanthropy Liaison you can print off sign in sheets for only certain events in the Calendar tab.

There are two ways to print off sign in sheets for your events or meetings, one way is through the Calendar and the other through the Member Directory (which is customizable by you). Please follow the steps below for a how to guide on printing both types of sign in sheets.

Sign In Sheet Using the Member Directory (Customizable)

  • Login to your ChapterWeb account and click on the Members tab.
  • Once in the Members tab use your filters on the right hand side to obtain a list of the members you'd like to see on your sign in sheet (see item 1 below).
  • Once these filters are in place a list will appear of  members on the left. Click on "Export Members" (see item 2 below) on the top right to see your export options.
  • Click on the radio button next to the Sign In Sheet option (see item 3 below).  Type in what you'd like to appear on your sign in sheet headers listed to the right of this option (see item 4 below).
  • Use the guide below to see what your headers will look like in the final version of your sign in sheet (see below).
  • Once you are done, press the "Export Members" button to create the PDF version of your sign in sheet.

Sign In Sheet from a Calendar Event

  • Login to your ChapterWeb account and click on the Calendar tab.
  • Once in the Calendar select the event that you would like to print a sign in sheet for and click the event to open it's details (see item 1 below).


  • When the details appear you'll see a sign up list or RSVP list for those people whom have signed up for the event. Above this you'll see "Sign In Sheet" click the print link next to this header (see item 2 below).


  • A PDF will be generated with your sign in sheet, save this to your computer or print it directly from Adobe reader.