Please note: In order to remove a Philanthropy Liaison from a Philanthropy you must be an Administrator or Philanthropy Liaison for that Philanthropy.

In order to remove a Philanthropy Liaison from a Philanthropy, please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your ChapterWeb Account, and click on the Philanthropies tab.
  2. Once the Philanthropies tab is open, click on "List Users" located to the right of the philanthropy you wish to edit (see item 1 below).
  3. When the "List Users" page appears, check the box next to the person you wish to remove (see item 2 below) and then click the "Remove Selected Users" button (see item 3 below).


  4. The person should no longer be listed as the Philanthropy Liaison for this Philanthropy.

By following these instructions the person will no longer be listed as associated with that Philanthropy, or as a Philanthropy Liaison in the "Roles" portion of their profile (unless they are associated with another Philanthropy for your chapter).