In order to run a report for related members by class you’ll want to follow the steps outlined below.

You’ll use this option if you are an NCL to view: Parent by Child Class

You’ll use this option if you are a YMSL to view: Mom’s by Young Men’s Class

You’ll use this option if you are a Boys Team Charity to view: Coaches by Boy’s Class

Please note: Only Administrators or Hours Administrators will be able to view all all members hours.

  • Login to your ChapterWeb account
  • Click on the Reports tab to see all reports available to your chapter
  • Click on the Report you wish to run to open up the selection details
  • Select the Member Role that you wish to see related users for (ie, Child, Young Men, or Boys). (See item 1 below)
  • Select the Class you’d like to see hours for (see item 2 above).
  • Before clicking the “View report” button you’ll see three options, select the middle option for “Show members related to the people who fit the search criteria above” (see item 3 below).
  • By clicking this option you will get all related members of the selection made above.
  • Click “View Report” to run the report and open it or save it on your computer to view the results.