In order to use the Premium Addon: Newsletter, you sign up for it by contacting Our support team will then set you up with an account within hours.

If you already have a Newsletter account with us, please follow the tutorial below:

  • First, login to your ChapterWeb newsletter account at
  • Once you have logged in, you’ll want to get started creating your first campaign. To do this, click on the “Create New Campaign” button on the right hand side of your screen (see item 1 below).

  • Once you have clicked on this button, you’ll need to fill out the fields for your new campaign including:
    • Name of the campaign (Example: January Newsletter)
    • Subject line of the email campaign (Example: January Newsletter or Special January Announcement)
    • Reply email address (Example: or
  • Once this is completed, click the “Next” button.

  • In the next step, you’ll want to choose your template. Depending on your account, you will either have 1 or 2 pre-created templates to choose from. Select the one you wish to use, and click the “Next” button (see item 2 below).

  • In the next step, you’ll begin adding your content into the template. If you need further instruction with how to add, delete, or move content in your template please see our how to guide: How do I Edit Newsletter Content?
  • Once you are happy with the content and images added in your newsletter, press the “Preview “button” to review your work (see item 3 below).

  • Finally, you’ll want to define your recipients. Our support team will assist you in making sure that all of your active members are imported at this time.