Only Content Administrators and over all site Administrators can upload files to the website using the Content Manager (or editor).

Follow the steps below to uplaod a file from your personal computer:

1. Login to your ChapterWeb account and go to the page you'd like to upload the file. This can be either your Member Homepage, your Public Homepage, or any other page where you see the Pencil icon (see item 1 below).

2. Click on the Pencil Icon to begin editing the page (see item 1 below).


3. Once the editor is loaded you'll want to select the Document Manager icon (see item 2 below).



4. Once you've selected the Document Manager a new window will pop up. You'll want to select "Upload" and then browse for the file on your computer that you'd like to upload on the site. Press "Add" if you'd like to add more files (see item 3 below) or upload when you are done, or just want the one file (see item 4 below).



5. Once you've added the file you'll see that a new screen appears asking you for some information about the link (see item 5 below). Add the name of the file in the "Link Text" field and select "Insert" (see item 6 below).


6. Test your link by clicking on it, your document should now load.