The annual report was developed for NCL’s to help our chapters when putting in totals at the end of the year for National. Below is an explanation of how to use the annual report, but if you have any more questions please contact ChapterWeb Support directly.

Please follow the steps below to run the annual report:

  • Login to your ChapterWeb account
  • Click on the Reports tab to view all reports available to your chapter
  • Click on the first option, the Annual Report
  • Select the dates you would like to run the report for using the calendar or by typing in the dates manually (see item 1 below).
  • Once the dates are entered you can either select criteria below to filter the report, or you can run the report without any options checked. If you run the report without any boxes checked it will give you all Member hours and give you the total for all Parents and Children sorted by Philanthropy. It will also give you the total number of donated funds toward that philanthropy (see item 2 below).Annual_report2
  • View more information about Donated Funds and how to use this function on the website.