Please note: Only Administrators and Content Administrators can add content to the member homepage or public page areas.

  • In order to begin editing a page, login to your ChapterWeb Account
  • Browse to the page you'd like to edit and click on the pencil icon in the left hand corner of your screen (see item 1 below).


  • Once the editor has appeared use the guide below to determine which edits you'd like to make.




1. Use these options to Bold, Italicize, Underline, or add Strike through your font.
2. Use these options to align your content: Left Align, Center Align, Right Align, or Justified
3. Use these options to add indents or outdents to your paragraphs.
4. Use these two options to add either an ordered list (of numbers) or an unordered list (of bullets).
5. Use the ABC option ( Abc ) to check your spelling and the binocular ( Binoculars ) option to find and replace  certain words, mistakes, or issues within your content.

6. Use this option to select all of your content (including pictures, links, etc.).

7. Use the scissor icon ( Scissors ) to cut the content selected, the ( Copy ) icon to copy all content selected, or use the ( Paste ) icons to paste content from another document into the editor.

8.Use these two options to undo or redo your most current changes.
9. Use the ( Photo ) icon to upload photographs onto your pages from your computer or use the ( Document ) icon to upload documents on your page from your computer.

10. Use these two options to add hyperlinks to your page. Use the ( Hyperlink ) icon to add links to documents, other pages within your ChapterWeb account, or outside websites. Use the ( Hyperlink2 ) icon to remove these hyperlinks.


11. Use this option to add tables to the page. You can also get to the Table Wizard from this option or by right clicking on a table after it's already been created. See below for a screenshot of the table wizard. This item allows you to change the color, background, and border of a table. It also allows you to set the width of each table or individual cell's within the table itself.


12. Use this option to change the border of your table.

13. Use this drop down menu to change your font size from being a header or just regular paragraph. These are predefined styles and can help to give you content structure and flow.

14.  Use this drop down menu to select your font face.

15. Use this drop down menu to select the desired font size.

16. Use these two options to either SuperScript or SubScript your content. Learn more.

17. Use this option to start a new parapgraph.

18. Use the ( Group ) icon to keep content together by adding a group box or use the ( Rule ) icon to seperate content by adding a horizontal rule on the page.

19. Use this option to remove all formatting of content. This option is helpful when you want to start over with your design changes but wish to leave all content the same. It is also helpful when copying and pasting from Word and you notice issues within your design caused by Word formatting. See below for format stripping options.


20. Use this option to add in special chracters and symbols otherwise not found on your keyboard.

21. Use the ( Color ) icon to change the color of your font and the ( Background ) icon to change the background color of your font.

22. Use this option to get more help on using the editor.