Please note: Only Administrators and Hours Administrators can run this report.

In order to run the Standards Comparison Report, please follow the steps below:

  • Login to your ChapterWeb account click on the Reports tab. Once in this tab, select the Standards Comparison Report.
  • When the report has opened, select the Hours type that you wish to run a comparison on by clicking the radio button next to the type (see item 1 below).
  • Next, select the date range that you wish to view hours for (see item 2 below).   Standard  
  • You then can select the Members you wish to view hours for and/or the status of those members. If you leave this selection blank, by default you will see all members. For example, if you are in an NCL and wish to see all active Parent hours you’d select “Member Role: Parent” “Status: Active” (see item 3 above).
  • Once these options have been made select the Comparison you are looking for (see item 4 below).  This is a great way to determine awards or to find those members who still have yet to reach their quota
  • Next, enter in the number of hours or credits you are interested in looking at (see item 5 below).
  • Once you’ve entered in the hours amount, select if you are wanting to view only certain Philanthropies (if you want to see all, leave this selection area blank). Or, if you are reviewing League hours, select the League Activity you’d like to review (see item 6 above).
  • Finally, select the output type as well as final settings and click “View Report” to see your results (see item 7 below).