In order to view your sent messages, please follow the steps below:

  • Login to your ChapterWeb account
  • Click on the Communication tab to open up your inbox and sent messages
  • Next, click on the  'Sent Messages' sub tab (see item 1 below).

In the 'Sent Messages' window, you can do the followings:

  • You can view all the sent messages in the 'Sent Messages' window.
  • You can view the sent messages by clicking on the subject field.
  • Use the calendar items on the right hand side to filter to the date range that you would like to see. Please note: by default the first view you see will be the last 2 weeks worth of messages sent (see item 2 below).
  • If you want to forward a sent message to other members, click on the 'Forward Message' button on the top-right corner of the sent message.

If you are the site administrator or have the communication administrating authorities, you can also view messages sent by other members of the chapter by going into the 'All Sent Messages' sub tab.