We've added new functionality! Here are a few of the great new features that have been added to the latest version of ChapterWeb.

Multiple File Upload

You can now add multiple files or photos at one time in your ChapterWeb account.

Photo Gallery

You'll now notice instead of "Browse" we have a "Select" button (see item 1 below). You can use this to select your first image, and repeat the steps to add several photos at a time.


Want to add a whole folder of photos at one time? Click on "Select" and browse to the folder on your computer. Once there, press CTL+A (select all) on your PC computer, OR drag your mouse around all of the images to select them and press "Open" (see item 2 below). This will add them all to the list to be uploaded at once.



Upload multiple files to your Files area at once by first browsing to the folder that you'd like to add your files to in the new File Folder tree on the left hand side of your Files tab (see item 1 below). Remember, you can always move these file around once they are uploaded.

Once you are in the file folder (or category) that you'd like to upload your files to, press the "Add File(s)" button on the right hand side (see item 2 below).


Pressing the "Add File(s)" button will pop open your computer files area automatically. Browse to the documents you wish to upload. By selecting one, and then CTL + Clicking to select more, you can choose multiple files at a time. You can also drag your mouse around the files to select more than one. Press "Open" when you are done. The files will automatically start to upload onto the site (see item 3 below).


File Sub Categories

We've rolled out the ability to add sub categories to the files section (yay!). What this means is that you can now have you top level category (ie., Bylaws) with multiple layers underneath (ie., Bylaws 2009-201, Bylaws 2011-2012, etc.).

To do this you'll need to first activate the sub categories on your website by going into the "Settings" portion of your site (you must be an Administrator to do this). Click on the "Folder" structure (see item 1 below) and press "Update" at the bottom of your screen.


Next, go back to your main Files tab. Once in your files tab click on the "Folders" sub navigation item (see item 2 below). You'll then see a list of all of your File Categories. Press the plus sign next (see item 3 below) to the category you wish to add a level underneath (sub folder or sub category).


Next, a box will pop up on your screen. Add the name of the sub category (see item 4 below), check who it is viewable by (see item 5 below), and then press save (see item 6 below).


Easily Make Categories into Sub Categories

If you're looking to move a category from a top level category to a sub category, this is now available to you.

Start by going into your Files tab and clicking on the "File Categories" sub navigation item. Once in your File Categories tab, click on the pencil icon next to the category to begin editing the category (see item 1 below).


You'll then get a pop up box on your screen. Select which "Parent Category" you'd like for this category to be filed under (see item 2 below). Press save when you are done.



 Permissions on Files, Sub Categories, and Parent Categories

Please note: You can now set permissions not only on just files you upload to ChapterWeb but on whole sub categories and parent categories as well. Simply click on the pencil icon next to either the category or file and change the "Viewable by" option (see item 1 below).

Sorting Files

Not to fret, you can still sort your files by date, name, or description. Click on the header you wish to sort by in the Files area (see item 1 below) and ChapterWeb will filter your results automatically.


 If you have any questions about any of the features, please feel free to contact your ChapterWeb Support Team.