Philanthropy Administrators

As a rule of thumb, these members have administrative rights within the “Philanthropy” tab. They can add, remove, and modify:  Philanthropies, the list of users associated with those Philanthropies, and Philanthropy Activities.


Philanthropy Liaisons

Liaisons are more limited in their power. They can only create, delete, or modify Philanthropy Activities for the Philanthropies they’ve been assigned to. For example, if a site administrator created an event called “Thrift Shop Shifts” and related that event to a specific philanthropy, the philanthropy liaisons listed for that philanthropy will then have the ability to modify/delete that specific event. Keep in mind that philanthropy liaisons do not have the ability to add events to the calendar right off the bat. A site administrator will need to relate a philanthropy to an event first.

Frequently Asked Follow Up Question:

  • How do I relate a philanthropy to an event? Only Site Administrators or Philanthropy Administrators can make this change. Once you create an event, you will be taken to the “Details” tab by default. There, you will see a section that says “Related To” with a drop down menu to its right. Once you drop down the menu, it will give you a list of all the philanthropies that have been created in the Philanthropies tab. Once you choose which philanthropy you want associated with that event, click “Create Event”.