Please note: Only administrators and content administrators have the ability to add photographs in the content areas of ChapterWeb.

In order to re-size a photograph to a content area using the content manager please follow these steps:

  • Login to ChapterWeb and browse to the area you’d like to add a photo to. This can either be your public site, your member homepage, or anywhere that you see the pencil edit icon (see item 1 below).
  • Click on the pencil to launch the content management editor
  • Once this has launched click on the Image manager icon in the top application bar (see item 2 below)

  • Select the image you wish to re-size (see item 3 below)
  • Click “Image Editor” (see item 4 below)

  • The row of options allows you to crop, re-size, zoom, rotate, flip, and add text to the image you’ve selected (see item 5 below). Click on the icon with two rectangles to re-size the image.
  • Select a preset, adjust width and height (be sure you have “constrain proportions” selected) or percentage and click “Resize” (see items 6 and 7 below)

  • Be sure to name the saved image. Then click save (see items 8 and 9 below).

  • If you are using Firefox or Internet Explorer you can also click on the image once you have inserted it and click-drag with the white boxes that appear around it to re-size the image (see item # below).