Please note: Only administrators can view the Settings section of the website.

To view this section, click on the “Settings” link in the upper right hand corner after logging into ChapterWeb. The first page you will see will be the Org Info area. This area allows administrators to customize many settings within the website. View the explanation for what each customization does below:


1. Organization Name: Type in the name of your organization here. This will appear in the header of all of your pages. For example “NCL Sacramento” or “YMSL Alamo”

2. Email Address: This will be your “reply to” address when sending emails from ChapterWeb.

3. Fiscal Date: Set your fiscal beginning date here. Doing this will change all reports to default to this start date (unless otherwise selected). Learn more about reports.

4. Hours Limiter: Set limits on hours entry. For example: set May 1st as the date here and members will be prompted when entering hours that they cannot enter hours prior to May 1st.


5. Recently Submitted Hours: Controls how the Recently Submitted Hours will look. Select “Current Hours Type” to show only recently submitted hours having to do with the type you just entered or select All to give a list of all hours regardless of the type. For example, if you select “Current Hours Type” and have just entered Philanthropy Hours, your Recently Submitted Hours screen will show only Philanthropy Hours just entered. Learn more about hours.

6. Calendar Sign Up Notifications: Controls which email notifications will go out to members when signing up or deleting themselves from events.

7. Sign Up Reminder Default: Set the default for sign up reminders to be emailed out to your members here. Once this is selected all events will be set to default to these settings.

8. Event Wait List: Controls the ability to have a wait list appear for each event after the sign up quota is full. Select “No” to disable wait lists.

9. Event User Deletions: Controls the default selection in the Even Sign Up box. Select “No” to remove the check box in this area that allows for members to delete themselves from an event. Note: This will not permanently disable this option for all sign ups, it will only remove the check box that is set as the default to always allow members to delete themselves.

10. Event RSVP: When selected removes the option for “# of guests” so that members cannot add guests when they RSVP for an event.


11. Calendar Notifications: Select whom you’d like to receive email notifications when the calendar is updated.
Notifications are sent out to these members when a calendar item is added,
edited, or deleted. To disable this feature, leave all check boxes blank.

12. Member Update Notificatons: Select whom you’d like to receive email notifications when a member updates their
information. To disable this feature, leave all check boxes blank.

13. Filters: Controls how filters in the member area and hours area are saved.  Select “by Login Session”
to have the filters restart each time the member logs in or “by User” to keep their filters
each login session.

14, Member Filters: Controls which filters will appear on the right hand side of the Member tab. These filters are used by members to create certain groups for email lists, member directories, and to easily find other members who have a certain status or role with the chapter.

15. Communication Filters: Controls which filters will appear on the left hand side of the Advanced User Selection tool in the Communications page. These filters are used to create distribution lists for emailing.

16. Themes: Shows which theme is currently selected. To change your themes scroll back up to the top and click on either “Member theme” to change the theme in your member area or “Public theme” to change your public site template.