Inbox:Click on ‘Communication’ tab à Click on ‘Inbox’ tab

To view the inbox messages, do the following

  1. Click on ‘Communication’ tab
  2. Click on ‘Inbox’ button
  3. Click on the subject of the message that you want to view 


In the message view, you can perform actions by clicking on the buttons on top right corner of the email:

  • Forward Message: This button will open up a new message compose having the content of the email that you want to forward to chapter’s members. (Refer to “Sent a Message”)
  • Reply: This button allows you to send an email back to the sender as “Sent a Message.”
  • Delete Message: This button will delete the message that you are viewing from the inbox.
    Warning: you will not be able to retrieve the message from the Inbox of your account after you deleting it. However, the message might still be in your regular email inbox.
  • Previous: This button takes you to the more current messages.
  • Next: This button takes to you to the less current messages.