If you are at the ‘Hours’ tab and find yourself not able to log your son’s or daughter’s hours, please double check these areas:

  • Is my son or daughter linked to my account as a related member? You can check and verify this by going to the Members tab > Directory > Click on your Member Profile > Look at the ‘Related Users’ area (See Figure 1)

  • Are my roles set up correctly? Every member in the Member Directory will need at least one role assigned to them in order for the system to read who they are. Every Parent, for example, will need to be assigned the role, ‘Parent’ in order to submit hours for related members. If you check your member profile and see that you are only a ‘Provisional Parent’, for example, you will not be able to log related members’ hours. You will also need to be assigned to the role, ‘Parent’. If you run into this issue, please contact your site administrators to make this change.

 If you are not able to log your daughter’s or son’s hours and have double checked the following, please send us a support ticket at support@chapterweb.net.