• Login to your Chapter’s site
  • Click on the tab ‘Members’
  • Click on the sub tab ‘Member Import’
  • Download the template by clicking on ‘Import Template’ . Note that once you click on ‘Import Template’, you will be prompted with a message to download an Excel Spreadsheet. 
  • Once you download the Excel Spreadsheet, you will see two excel sheets: ‘Template Instructions’ and ‘Member Data’.

Read the instructions in the Excel Spreadsheet Template Instructions carefully. Use exact capitalization and spelling when entering non-personal member data such as their Role, Photo Release, Member Status, Calendar Display.

  • Add your member data to the template on the ‘Member Data’ page. If a member lacks a piece of non-required data, leave that cell blank. Ensure that there is only one user per line.
  • Once you are done filling out the spreadsheet, you will want to delete the ‘Template Instructions’ by right clicking on its tab.
  • Once you have deleted the ‘Template Instructions’, you will now want to save the Excel file as an Excel 97-2003 Workbook.
  • It is now time to go back to the ChapterWeb site to fill out all import settings.

  • For ‘Please select an Excel File to Import from…’, choose the Excel Spreadsheet you had just filled out and saved onto your desktop.
  • Once the system has loaded all members, match all fields accordingly.
  • Once you have matched all fields, you will now need to match families. This is only relevant if all related members in the import have the same fields indicated below. Example, if related members have the same phone number and street address, you will want to match those. Keep in mind that there are related members who will have different last names. You will not want to match this field and will want to keep note of that and manually add it in later.
  • Once you complete the following steps, it is time to click ‘Import’.

What if I receive a pop up error message?

If you receive an error message, please delete the imported members and re-import members again by making necessary changes.

You can do this by:
  • While in the error pop up message window, click on ‘View Imported Users’
  • Once you click on ‘View Imported Users’, it will take you to the ‘User Imported On At’ page. On your right hand side, you will see all imports you have made
  • Click on your latest import
  • Once you do, you will want to click on the button “Remove Imported Users”.
  • Once you have removed imported users, you may now start the process over and make necessary changes. If there are any error messages you see that you do not understand, please contact the ChapterWeb team and we will assist you in the process.