In order to use the Calendar Filters please follow the steps below:

  • Login to your ChapterWeb account and click on the Calendar tab
  • Once in the Calendar page you'll see the filter options on the right hand side.
  • Use the drop down menu to select the type of filter you would like to see (see item 1 below).
    You can either filter by events in a particular category, events related to a specific philanthropy, events related to an award, committee, member status, class, or position.

    In this example we'll be filtering to find a specific Philanthropy and all of the events associated with that Philanthropy on the calendar that month.


  • Once you've selected your filter type, you can narrow down your choices even more. For example: If you want to see all events related to a specific Philanthropy (see item 2 below).

    In this example we've chosen to see all events related to the Philanthropy: Meals on Wheels. To select this philanthropy I've clicked on it with my mouse. It then dropped down below under the "Related to" group (see item 2 below).


  • After narrowing down my selection, I can now ask the system to show me all events within this philanthropy that have open sign ups (see item 3 below). I can also choose to leave these checkboxes unchecked so that I can view all events (even with full sign ups) associated with this philanthropy.
  • The final step is to press the "Apple View Options" button, this will change the view of your calendar to only include your selections above.
  • You can also use the calendar fitlers to see events which you have not yet RSVP'd to.
  • If you have any current filters turned on click the "Clear Filters" button (see item 4 below).
  • Once your current filters are all cleared press the checkbox next to the "Pending RSVP Events" (see item 5 below).
  • Press the "Apply View Options" button to save your changes. Your calendar will refresh and show you all pending RSVP's for that month.